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Storage Life of Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods

It is a good idea to always label and date frozen food when you store it. When the food stays in the freezer for long, it does not become contaminated overnight but keep losing its nutrition and quality with time.

Don't forget you had saved strawberries last season so you could eat those later in the year. Berries usually go bad after 4 months. Other fruit may survive for 8 - 10 months.

Frozen milk should not be used after 1 and a half month. Other dairy products also have a short life span in the freezer. Only salted butter and eggs have a longer life.

Frozen organ meat should not be kept after 6 months. Only steaks and whole chicken can be kept for 12 months.

Salted nuts can be kept for 8 months and unsalted nuts can be kept for a year.

Cakes, cookies, nuggets have a 3 - 6 month life span.

Ready to eat frozen foods you buy are convenient but are overloaded with salt which is extremely unhealthy for your health and must be avoided at all times.

Posted on 15 . 5 . 2012


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